Committee Member

Serve on one of the following committees that support ATHENA of the Triangle:

Governance & Strategic Planning

Assist in planning, developing, and successfully executing meaningful and sustainable programs
and developmental events that support the fulfillment of ATHENA’s mission, vision, and branding.

For more information or to get started as an Event volunteer please email: volunteer@athenatriangle.org

Marketing & Communications

Oversee the strategic communications and marketing plans to promote ATHENA’s  mission, vision, and branding.

For more information or to get started as an Event volunteer please email: volunteer@athenatriangle.org

Finance & Development

Oversee the Organization’s overall financial development, sponsorship, and fundraising activities to inspire and support established and emerging women leaders.

For more information or to get started as an Event volunteer please email: volunteer@athenatriangle.org

Event Volunteer

Celebrating Women Leaders!

An annual celebration in June to celebrate all local women leaders. This event provides a platform to honor our most recent ATHENAPowerLink® Program graduate and now our Emerging Women Leader Program graduates. More to come soon!

ATHENA Women’s Leadership Luncheon

Held annually in September, this structured event focuses on the key tenets of successful leadership, bringing established and emerging leaders together for engaging dialogue.

For more information on becoming a Committee or Event Volunteer please email: volunteer@athenatriangle.org

About The Advisory Panel

The Advisory Panel may be composed of professionals in banking, finance, accounting, law, marketing, IT or human resources. They offer guidance on critical subjects such as networking skills, achieving access to capital, implementing best practices and others—virtually any issue identified by a woman business owner as necessary to reach the goals she has for her business.

Panel Advisor for ATHENAPowerLink®

As a Panel Advisor for the ATHENAPowerLink® Program you will advise women business owners as they define and achieve their tangible goals. You will provide guidance and support in your area of expertise, such as finance, accounting, marketing, business strategy, business model refinement, and networking. Your time commitment as a Panel Advisor is estimated to be six (6) 2-hour meetings over a calendar year.

Panel Coordinator for ATHENAPowerLink®

The Panel Coordinator is the link between the Woman Business Owner (WBO), Panel Advisors, the ATHENA of the Triangle Executive Director, and the ATHENA of the Triangle Board. The top pre-requisite for a coordinator is to be detail-oriented with a strong understanding of small businesses. The Panel Coordinator is  responsible for the agenda, running the meetings, preparing minutes for the introductory meeting, and the first quarterly meeting. As the year progresses, the WBO will assume more of that responsibility, as she and the Panel-Coordinator feel appropriate.

For more information on volunteering as a Panel Coordinator please email: volunteer@athenatriangle.org

Emerging Leader Volunteers

There are several ways you can invest your time volunteering with our Emerging Leaders program:


If you are a passionate advocate for women in leadership and can identify with our ATHENA leadership principles, then connect with us for an opportunity to be featured as one of our session speakers.


Our sessions are run by facilitators who feel comfortable and enjoy guiding our participants through our interactive sessions. Contact us if this opportunity interests you.


Our participants will connect in smaller groups with a leadership mentor. If you have experience in leadership or working with women in leadership we would love for you to consider volunteering your expertise.

For information on volunteering for these Emerging Leader opportunities please email: ATHENAEmergingLeaders@gmail.com