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    Qualification Questions:

    Month/Year business began

    Percent of business owned by Business Owner:

    Does the Applicant actively manage the business?


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    Date fiscal year ends

    Sales or revenue history (use annual fiscal year numbers; do not include cents):

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    Projected for this fiscal year $

    Budget for the next fiscal year

    Is there anything the ATHENA PowerLink® Program should know about you or your business; i.e., do you have any litigation pending? Are there significant personal or business financial difficulties of which we need to be aware?

    Have you applied for an ATHENA PowerLink® Advisory Panel before?


    If yes, when, and please describe why you did not receive one.

    Business Questionnaire:

    Do you have a business plan?


    Briefly describe your goals for the business.

    Over the next one year:

    Over the next five years:

    Do you have financial projections for the next one to two years?


    If yes, please send financial projections with application.

    Does your business currently have a board of directors?


    If yes, how many directors, and describe their areas of expertise.

    Do you expect any significant change in business ownership or operation during the next 18 months?


    If yes, please describe.

    Briefly describe your business’ products. Include any business literature with application.

    Who are your three largest customers? Approximately what percentage of last year’s sales do they
    represent? Approximately what is your average size sale overall?

    Briefly describe your business’ major strengths and major weaknesses.

    Briefly describe your major competition and its/their strengths and weaknesses.

    What are your primary tasks as president/owner? Which do you enjoy more: (a) running the business
    or (b) being in the industry?

    What frustrates you most about running your business?

    What is your highest business priority and how do you see an Advisory Panel being able to help you
    reach that priority?

    Have you participated in a Small Business Administration Program such as SCORE or an SBDC? If so,
    please state when and describe how your business benefited.

    What successful adviser/advisee relationships have you had while running this business? What good advice have they given you? How has this affected your business? Has it resulted in any lasting or permanent change?


    Include any additional information that you feel is important for consideration of your application.

    The information contained in this application is provided for the purpose of obtaining an unpaid Advisory Panel through the ATHENA PowerLink® Program.

    I understand that ATHENA of the Triangle is relying on the information provided here to decide to grant an Advisory Panel, and therefore, I represent that the information provided is true and complete.

    Please submit completed application and attachments by Sept 30, 2020.