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To be considered for the ATHENAPowerLink® program, begin by downloading and completing the Powerlink information Application packet.
** Submissions for 2019 Due by October 20, 2018.

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What is ATHENA of the Triangle?

ATHENA International™ was founded thirty-five years ago and ATHENA of the Triangle is a licensee of

programs developed by ATHENA International™.ATHENA International™ recognizes that women can achieve a worldwide balance of leadership in the workplace when they are recognized, cultivated, and encouraged. ATHENA of the Triangle provides programming designed for women leaders in the Raleigh-Durham and Chapel Hill region of North Carolina.

What is ATHENA PowerLink®

ATHENA PowerLink is a program that provides professional advisory panels to woman-owned businesses.

What do some of the ATHENA of the Triangle ATHENA PowerLink® graduates have to say?

Carmen Ritz | Owner | State Farm Insurance Agent | 2016-2017 Graduate
I cannot say enough great things about my ATHENA PowerLink Candidacy. The people that I have met and who have supported me through this journey have been generous with their time and gifts. The impact that Athena has had on me personally and my business extends well beyond a balance sheet. I look forward to paying forward to the next lucky woman!”

Lorraine Johnson CFP®, CFA, ADPA® | President | Triangle Financial Advisors | 2015-2016 Graduate
ATHENA PowerLink’s award for a woman business owner is the best-kept secret in the Triangle. Having an all-star board of directors volunteer their time to focus on helping you is an amazing resource, and a wonderful gift. Submit your application TODAY!

Lisa Smallwood Howell | President | Spoken 4-Communications, LLC | 2014-2015 Graduate
I had been in business 9 years and was struggling to be profitable.After receiving coaching from top professionals who volunteered their time through the ATHENA PowerLink program my business grew 23% in only 12 months.I highly recommend this program.”

What is the Criteria for Selecting a Company?

The ATHENA of the Triangle Board of Directors makes all selections from applications received.Companies are chosen based on their potential to effectively utilize an advisory panel’s ability to assist the company's growth.

To be considered for the mentorship and guidance through the ATHENA PowerLink® program, companies must:

  • Be owned by at least 51 percent by a woman:Tax Returns required as proof
  • Have been in operation for at least two years
  • Have a minimum of two employees. One can can be the woman business owner herself.
  • Generate annual revenues of at least $250,000 if in manufacturing or retail, or $100,000 if in a service business
  • Have clearly defined company objectives/goals with explicit reasons for seeking ATHENA PowerLink assistance

According to a recent ATHENA study of women business owners and advisory panelists who had participated in the APL program, the businesses showed an average increase of:

What does the ATHENA PowerLink® program provide?

ATHENA PowerLink® determines the specific areas of expertise in which the business requires assistance and recruits professionals to provide the needed guidance.These professionals serve a one-year term in an advisory panel position with advisory panel meetings held quarterly.At the business owner's request, advisors are encouraged to occasionally meet with the owner outside of the regular quarterly sessions BUT cannot do business with advisors during the program.

ATHENA PowerLink® also provides an Advisory Panel Coordinator that is responsible for ensuring the scheduling of the quarterly panel meetings, the timely dissemination of all pertinent information including the agenda and notes/minutes of all panel meetings, as well as overall project coordination.

If you are selected as a 2019 Business Owner, Your Responsibilities are:

Business Owner pays a one-time franchise fee of $600 at the start of the program to the Athena International Foundation.There is NO cost to go through the ATHENA of the Triangle program.

Business Owner will have provided a 20-minute presentation to the Selection Committee on an agreed upon date.

Business Owner is responsible for providing a suitable meeting place for the advisory panel, if needed.Some of the meetings may take place at a panel advisors office.

Business Owner provides the meeting agenda, any appropriate materials for the panel members and the panel coordinator including, but not limited to, past 3 years of tax returns, financial statements, an executive summary and company literature.

Business Owner must delineate specific company problems requiring the advice of panel members so that solutions can be suggested.

Ultimately, the owner has the ability to accept or reject the suggestions made by panel members.

To be considered for the ATHENAPowerLink® program, begin by downloading and completing the Powerlink information Application packet. ** Submissions for the 2019 program are due by October 20, 2018.

Registration Currently Closed

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