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ATHENA of the Triangle partners with corporations, businesses, communities and individuals to support, develop and honor women leaders, inspire women to achieve their full potential and create balance in leadership worldwide. As a non-profit organization, we depend on the generosity of friends and supporters like you in order to foster our growth and vitality.

The ATHENA of the Triangle Board of Directors invites your participation as a sponsor. 

Financial and logistical support from sponsors is crucial to the successful delivery of outstanding Leadership programs that are meaningful to a wide-ranging audience. A number of different sponsorship opportunities, designed to fit a variety of budgets, are available and range from $250 to $5,000.  

Sponsor Benefits

If your goal is marketing, public relations, community giving, or a combination, our sponsorship packages provide these opportunities:

  • 1. Brand Visibility

    AoT Sponsorships put your brand visuals in front of our ATHENA of the Triangle audiences who haven’t heard of your business.

    2. Targeted Marketing

    Our sponsored events often cater to women in business and women entrepreneuers. You gain opportunities to engage one on one with women looking for relevant product/service solutions.

    3. Consumer Perception

    Let us help you shape public perception by aligning your brand with a nationally recognized women’s leadership organization. 74 percent of consumers are more likely to buy products after exposure to a branded event marketing experience. Use the clout you earn as a sponsor of AoT to grow your reputation in your community!

    4. Efficient Lead Generation

    Forming an emotional connection is half the battle of building brand loyalty. By attending AoT events/programs in person, you can learn about customers, promote your products, and build a mailing list.

    5. Sales Goals

    If sales are your top priority, choose an AoT event with high foot traffic (like our LEadership Luncheon). 

    6. Community Goodwill

    Strengthening your business image is one of the most valuable benefits of AoT event/program sponsorship. Demonstrate your company’s dedication to promoting leadership & diversity. 

    7. Content Strategy

    AoT Event sponsorships provide fresh material to expand your content strategy. By connecting with AoT on social media, you can find relevant audiences to target.

    8. Audience Insights

    Event sponsorship is a beneficial learning experience for new and veteran business owners. After all, a roomful of great minds is better than one. You get a firsthand look at how other businesses differentiate themselves and attract customers.

    9. Business Relationships

    Are you in the market for new partnerships or supplier relationships? AoT events are great places to find women-owned businesses you can collaborate with in the future. Help promote women’s leadership in the Triangle area & give back to the community.

  • 10. Return on Investment

  • The benefits of AoT event/program sponsorship are endless if you put in the effort to forge connections. Take advantage of every resource AoT offers to help your business, especially as a new participant.