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As part of AoT’s ongoing mission to empower women as strong leaders in either multinational corporations or their own business ventures our goal is to expand our affiliate offerings. Our latest step in this mission is to attract and train women in their early to mid-careers through the newly licensed ATHENA Emerging Leaders program.




The ATHENA Emerging Leaders program is a collaborative forum for developing leadership skills through a series of eight 2-hour workshops focused on mentoring and leadership skills development using the ATHENA Leadership Model. Each workshop focuses on one of the eight ATHENA leadership principles with expert curriculum, small group activities, and a local leader who exemplifies the principle.

The program is open to any woman who desires to build leadership skills. We plan to select 20-25 participants for the inaugural program which is scheduled to begin in Sep 2019.

Program Schedule                                                 Guest Speakers  

  • Sep 10 Kick Off                                                    Lisa Grimes and Paula Brown Stafford
  • Oct 8   Principle 1 - Live Authentically.           Jes Averhart  
  • Nov 12 Principle 2 - Learn Constantly.            Mira Brancu, PhD
  • Dec 10 Principle 3 - Build Relationships .       Sharon Delaney McCloud      
  • Jan 14  Principle 4 - Foster Collaboration.      Dawn Barnett
  • Feb 11  Principle 5 - Advocate Fiercely           TBD
  • Mar 10 Principle 6 - Act Courageously.          TBD
  • Apr 14  Principle 7 - Give Back                         Charmaine Riggins
  • May 12 Principle 8 - Celebrate                         TBD
  • June 9 Celebration of Completion



As part of our program, we are proud to highlight local women leaders who will join our sessions to share their unique stores and insights on our leadership principles. Click for more info on some of our leader speakers:

             SharonMcCloud.png                          4.png      

2.png             1.png


            Mira Brancu


Stay tuned for more speakers!


What Makes us Unique?


The content of the program is rooted in research, science and psychology. This means while the topics we'll discuss are broad, we'll talk about real obstacles and roadblocks women face when trying to implement the 8 principles. The sessions are a place for you to have honest, down-to-earth conversations, with other women who are on the same journey of personal development. Often we have questions that we're afraid to ask in the workplace-but in our sessions, we encourage everyone to bring their true selves, without fear of being judged.

Our content contributors are highly accomplished individuals holding doctorates, winning many awards (including one from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), and having consulted with prestigious organizations (such as the United Nations)!

Questions? Email us at

Our next Program begins September 2020. Our awareness events will begin next Spring. 


ATHENA Leadership Model

Live Authentically – By understanding my values, beliefs and behaviors, I am authentic. I consistently accept personal responsibility and embrace opportunity with optimism. I believe in myself and my potential and honor my uniqueness.

Learn Constantly – I challenge myself to be open to what is new and unfamiliar, continually expanding and developing my knowledge, skills and experiences. I carry out the teacher-learner relationship.

Advocate Fiercely – With respect and compassion for others, I generate a force for good that will not be stopped or deterred. My quest is for a just and humane society.

Act Courageously – I possess the courage to speak the truth, test relationships and confront traditional thinking. I embrace the necessity for initiating change and the risks that go along with it. I will stand up, stand firm and do the right thing.

Foster Collaboration – I reach out beyond what I can achieve on my own and promote a powerful belief in others. I create conditions that invite and encourage people to develop and contribute their own gifts.

Build Relationships – I venture beyond myself connecting with and accepting others, I appreciate the talents and gifts that different individuals offer and access ways of knowing, inviting, and embracing others.

Give Back – I am committed to serving my colleagues, community and the world. I recognize that through service I am renewed and revitalized. I contribute to changing society for the greater good.

Celebrate – I take pleasure in my work and accomplishments. I celebrate life with exuberance and look forward with a sense of hope and purpose


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